OMG! Has the Queen really just said that?

The Queen, a stand-up comedian whose real name is Gerry Connolly, performed to kick off Britain’s Got Talent’s thirteenth season. “Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the London Palladium, I urge you to stand for Her Majesty The Queen!” a voice cried out at the start of the performance. The National Anthem was then played as the actor, and two “beefeaters” made their way from the back of the arena to the stage.

She announced, “that’s right, Mr. Cowell – the boss is finally here” as she started her routine. She then spoke briefly about the program and the judges before announcing the quest for talent to be finally open and concluding her performance. The act was buzzing by Alesha Dixon.

The tune of “Land of Hope and Glory” then started to play. David said, “I could just watch this forever. It was incredibly funny, extremely unexpected,” and Simon joked, “Thank you for finally consenting to come on the program after all these years.”

She was brought onto the stage for her Semi-Final performance by “guards,” where she took a seat on a throne. She then began to deliver her “speech” before putting it away and grabbing a bottle of gin in its place. She talked about TV shows and the housing issue, saying that “everyone has a house – it’s the one I live in,” and she addressed Simon directly several times. After she said that he was “paid millions for doing nothing,” Simon punched his doorbell.

Alesha called the performance “a really good beginning” and remarked on how “calm, cool, and collected” you were in delivering it. You are incredibly unpleasant, but you’re different, and I don’t know what else to say, Simon, observed.

Here is the video: