This Ukrainian woman broke the record, “I am 45 and I have 19 kids,” she said…

Even two kids, let alone three or four, are too many for many families in the 21st century. not for this family, though. This Ukrainian couple is the father of 19 kids!

Svetlana Kovalevich set a record by giving birth to 19 children at the age of 45.

Kids are the blossoms of life, of course, but with so many, she does not appear to be her actual age. The woman appears to be 60 years old rather than 45.

It is important to note that Svetlana gave birth to all of her children at home, unattended by medical professionals, even though having 100 children is not advised.

But as Kovalevich points out, she already experiences childbirth on a daily basis and in a very natural way.

She made the personal decision that the 19th child should be the last because he lacks health and vigor. But in contrast to Svetlana, a relatively young father thinks that the 20th child is also on the way.

We send our best wishes for success to this large family and for the mother’s continued good health.