One of the bride’s maids was her 89-year-old grandmother… She was the event’s life and soul…

The greatest joy one can have in life is a wise grandmother who you can learn from.

It is also rather unexpected that this granny will share in your marriage’s success.

An 89-year-old grandmother went viral online after serving as a bridesmaid in her granddaughter’s wedding!

Christina Quinn was as joyful as a lady could be when her beloved one proposed to her.

The wedding planning process began after the engagement, which is an exciting period for any bride.

Christina, though, had family members supporting her.

When thinking about her wedding day, the girl made a surprising decision that later earned her worldwide fame.

When Christina asked her grandmother to be a bridesmaid, nobody could have foreseen the results.

Not all women in their 89s will agree to fill this post. Although the idea was generally considered to be rather unconventional, could it actually be put into practice?

In reality, the grandmother not only showed everybody that she was still alive, but also that life can and should be treasured at any age by attending the wedding.

Christina, who has a close relationship with her grandmother, remembers how she kept the party fun-loving all night and gave the guests wise advice.

All of the visitors, including the bride’s grandma, who was given a special seat, boarded the bus after the ceremony.

She traveled with the group to complete the wedding festivities rather than going home to rest.

The woman danced all night long! The pictures show how truly delighted she was to celebrate.

That that day, she was just as beautiful as the young bridesmaids.

The most touching moment, according to Christina, was when her grandmother danced with the grandparents of her spouse.

The main character of this great party remarks, “You are as old as you feel, and now I feel youthful.”

Grandma, according to Christina, has a beautiful outlook on life and a terrific sense of humor.

I try to take notes while she speaks. Each one adores her.

The grandma had a great time at the wedding, danced with other guests, and occasionally gave the young folks wise counsel.

She has contributed to making the wedding day even more memorable for the newlyweds.

Certainly, this exceptional woman has much to teach us! It is fantastic when senior adults actually enjoy life and provide kids with positive role models!