People could not find the missing sailor and here is what happened to him…

A bunch of divers dove into the ocean during the nocturnal search for a missing sailor. In the murky ocean, there wasn’t really anything they could tell apart. It was decided to end the relationship.

A dolphin suddenly appeared from the depths, caught everyone’s attention, and led the way as divers captured the entire event on camera.

Divers were first unable to identify the incident’s cause. Dennis Ruskin, the team’s leader, didn’t notice a dolphin had followed them until twenty minutes after the dive.

Another ten minutes passed before Ruskin noticed the dolphin, who had been within ten feet of him.

After that, the dolphin’s conduct started to seem more unusual. He headed in one direction at first, but soon he swam back to Dennis and set sail once more.

The diver made the decision to follow the guide, and after that, he stopped worrying about the dolphin’s consciousness.

The scuba diver was sinking deeper and deeper into the sea, his lantern glowing ahead of him. The water was so murky that it was nearly impossible to see anything.

Dennis was about to turn back when he noticed the words “Seasar” engraved into the wall paneling. A lost fisherman set sail on this boat. Dennis swam to the wheelhouse in shock.

The fisherman had plenty of air, but when his boat sank and turned over, an air bubble formed in the steering box, trapping him and preventing him from escaping.

Ruskin assembled his team and carried the sailor to safety on the surface after waiting 20 minutes. The dolphin set sail once it seems he realized his task was complete.