An 8-year-old boy took care of his sick mother himself. Now he is already 24 years old, and here is what he achieved!

This tale gained widespread media coverage 15 years ago. Ordinary youngster Vladik from Dobryanka, age 8, autonomously manages the family and cares for his mother, who is partially crippled. Worldwide, people were in awe, others expressed admiration, and some expressed surprise: how is this possible?

This family’s situation is quite challenging. The boy’s mother disapproved of his father’s drinking and left him. She moved into a modest hamlet house with a little child since they had nowhere else to live.

There was enough food for two people to eat, but it was tough and there was not enough money. When Vlad was 8 years old, family problems arose when his mother suffered a stroke and became paraplegic.

At the time, his father was not still alive. A little schoolboy was left to deal with this suffering on his own. A nearby orphanage is his best option. Vlad, however, was not the kind of guy to accept his fate; he would not abandon his mother. He would do anything to help her get back on her feet, like a real man.

Vlad was fortunate to have a neighbor take care of him; she handled all the social services concerns, but the youngster now has to manage on his own.

The public learned about Vlad and his mother when he reached 16 years old. Nearly no one was unaffected by this tale; even the authorities decided to assist the youngster. Consider the fact that he cooked, did the laundry, and cleaned for his mother.

There were other times when it was quite challenging. My mother’s illness deteriorated and she lost her ability to speak. But the young man persisted. Every night, he knelt down next to his mother and read a book while helping her learn how to talk and pronounce sounds once more.

Tatiana could not be completely cured by Vlad because her therapy cost a lot of money. He possessed none. However, the man persisted and did everything within his power to make things easy for his mother. And his efforts paid off: although his mother’s speech wasn’t as good as it had been, there had been progress.

The fact that Vlad did not stop attending school is what I find most intriguing. He also visited the sports areas and made significant progress there. He was the best student in his class, and his coach always gave him compliments.

Vlad is doing well personally as well. He and Nastya have been dating since their senior year of high school after falling in love. Nastya assisted him in taking care of his mother’s illness, making him feel less alone in his tragedy.

The man, who is now 24 years old, works as a welder in his hometown.

The family relocated from a dilapidated wooden house to an apartment provided by the local government. They continue to assist the Kudryashovs.

Vlad is still giving his all to ensure his family has a bright future. A good-natured, courageous, and hard-working man is confident that his mother will be okay. And his tale, which was both horrifying and thrilling, will live on in people’s hearts for all eternity.