People were amazed to see that this baby could stand by herself being 2 months old…

It’s no secret that today’s kids appear to be born with a lot of skills. Although some babies are born with their eyes wide open today, this is nothing compared to what a baby girl who was only 12 weeks old accomplished.

In the past, infants only opened their eyes after several days.

Lula was already standing extremely straight when she was just two months old in this world. The astounding things she has taught her young child to perform in such a short period of time have astounded her parents, Emily Derrick and Tezra Finn.

Emily and Tezra thought their baby girl was very remarkable from the start, but when she was two months old and able to stand by herself, they couldn’t help but gasp.

Even though Lula had already demonstrated amazing strength from the first month, it was a great surprise to them to see her in this condition.

The young girl struggled mightily to get up on her own, making several unsuccessful efforts in the process. Unexpectedly, the girl was able to stand up by herself at last. “When I placed her on the mat, she was making some attempts to crawl.