This kid speaks 7 languages at the age of 4 and here is the reason behind it!

Today’s digitally connected world makes handling many languages more of a need than an extravagance or privilege for the privileged few. Learning many languages gives you access to a whole new world of culture and knowledge to discover.

This girl proves that nothing is impossibly possible in the field of communication by recognizing that the language barrier is the final thing we need to overcome. Bella Devyatkina is a sweet little Russian girl from Mosu who speaks seven languages with ease.

She showcased her abilities in the Russian television program “Amazing People.” She could speak seven languages fluently, with native speakers passing the most difficult test. English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, French, German, and Arabic are all languages that Bella speaks with ease.

Bella wowed everyone with her two adorable pigtails, velvet vest, and plaid skirt. She also won everyone’s respect. She was able to converse with audience members in the most natural way conceivable. Even if the schedule for the young girl’s language studies fluctuates from two to four courses each week for six hours a day, her mother guarantees that she is not overburdened.

They employ the natural technique, where the girl engages in play and picks up the language through conversation with native speakers. The young girl’s mother was heavily involved in her language development.

Bella’s mother began teaching her English and spoke to her in both languages from the moment she was born, and that is when it all began. They progressively added more languages to her everyday activities after realizing the wonderful development her daughter was making in them.

Bella has a variety of international babysitters. Bella has learned so far through play, books, and children’s encyclopedias, not because the nannies are specifically committed to teaching her languages.

Bella is a joyful young child who interacts with others and has fun just like any other young child. The mother reassures that her daughter is not a genius or a prodigy in the language; rather, they have put a lot of time and effort into helping her improve her communication abilities.

Bella’s mother, Yulia Devyatkina, thinks that any child may easily master two or three foreign languages and that not all children need to speak six. Yulia is a linguist with more than 7 years of experience instructing young students in English.

They both have an average income thanks to her father’s profession at the Moscow Radio Research Center, but he has decided to put his daughter’s growth first. Bella learns everything through playing games. In order for Bella to explore the world in her languages, her parents plan outings with natural speakers of the various languages.

Bella participates in an English theatrical group, French painting classes, Spanish dancing classes, German ice skating classes, and she enjoys Mandarin animated television. This girl is so lovely.

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