Policeman Calm a Knife-wielding Assailant With a Hug… Shocking details…

The majority of people who are faced with a stranger with a knife are unable to maintain their composure, but Officer Anirut Malee has redefined what it means to be cool under pressure.

In Bangkok, Thailand, on the previous Saturday, the Huay Kwang Police Station was visited by a distraught individual who was carrying a huge blade.

The clip from the closed circuit camera shows Malee talking to the man in an unruffled manner while pointing towards the knife.

After around twenty seconds of conversation, the man passes over the knife to the other person. The specifics of the exchange remain unknown.

As an alternative to making an arrest, Malee gives the assailant a bear hug and puts the knife away before squeezing him tightly.

The officer later revealed that the man had been a musician and security guard in the past, but that he had fallen on hard times and lost his job.

Even though it is unclear what the 46-year-old man was trying to accomplish with the knife, according to Malee, he had recently been “stressed out” by the theft of his guitar as well as the withholding of his paycheck for three days.

Malee says that this was one of the reasons why he was holding the knife.

Malee expressed his condolences to the man and promised to gift him with his very own guitar as a token of his generosity.

They also decided to get lunch together at some point in the future.

After that, the man was taken to the hospital to have an evaluation done on his mental health. There were no formal charges brought against him.