You won’t believe when you see what happened to this woman during the Irma hurricane…

In spite of the roaring floodwaters outside, this police officer was ordered inside so that he could escort a terrified elderly person “Beyond the Sea.”

On Saturday, Deputy Froelich was posted in a hurricane shelter in Florida to keep an eye on the hundreds of other families and citizens of the state who had taken sanctuary there to escape the storm.

Froelich focused his attention on one particular evacuee in particular: an elderly woman who appeared to be terrified and was sitting alone in the far corner of the room.

Her simple response to the deputy’s inquiry as to whether there was anything he could do to cheer her up was “a dance.”

Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea” was being performed by Froelich, and he held her hand and danced with her while he did so. Eventually, she broke into a smile.