Prepare to be captivated by the sheer beauty and emotion of this exquisite violin and piano duet performing ‘Hallelujah’

In this captivating video, two skilled musicians deliver a stunning rendition of the beloved Leonard Cohen classic “Hallelujah” using innovative technology that transforms a violin into a string quartet, resulting in an extraordinary performance.

Renowned musician Rob Landes utilizes looping techniques with his violin to craft this masterpiece. This process enables recorded sections of the song to play back instantly, allowing for additional melodies to be layered on top.

The enchanting effect of looping enables Landes to perform a violin trio with himself, accompanied by the talented Audry Pitcher, whose contribution beautifully complements the performance.

This captivating fusion of a timeless classic with modern technology promises to captivate audiences. Violins and stringed instruments are renowned for their ability to emulate the human voice, and Rob Landes adeptly showcases this unique quality of his instrument.

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