Prior to marrying Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise was married to a “very bright” woman and contemplated becoming a monk…

One of the most well-known American movie actors is Tom Cruise, who gained recognition at a relatively young age. The actor appeared in the now-classic film “Top Gun” when he was just 24 years old.

Fans might not be aware of the fact that Cruise was given a dyslexia diagnosis when he was just seven years old. The actor is also a devoted follower of Scientology and attributes his success in overcoming dyslexia to their teachings.

Cruise’s first wife, Mimi Rogers, brought him to the church. Being a member, her father introduced Cruise to his faith and invited him to a meeting at the Hollywood Scientology facility.

H.E.L.P., the Hollywood Educational Literacy Project, includes Cruise on its board of directors. This learning technology provides free one-on-one tutoring for both adults and kids.

Despite working hard to absorb any reading material, according to Cruise, and with the assistance of multiple instructors, he was unable to retain what he had read.

Cruise wasn’t able to acquire the assistance he need until he discovered about L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology study methodology.

The H.E.L.P. technology’s method of having an object you’re studying in front of you has helped the actor overcome his learning handicap, which is why he values it so highly. The idea is to study an airplane with an actual airplane in front of you if at all possible.

The usage of an airplane as an example is appropriate given that Cruise once said that he had always wanted to be a pilot. Although he got to play a pilot in “Top Gun,” his dyslexia prevented him from pursuing a career in aviation.

In a 1986 Rolling Stone interview, Cruise and Rogers allegedly first met. She was dating his friend at the time, so the actor was powerless to stop it.

Tom, however, claimed he was drawn to her because he believed she was “very brilliant.” Things changed rapidly as the couple grew closer, and they soon started discussing marriage.

But marrying one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors wasn’t simple; according to Instyle, the wedding was covered up by calling it “the project.” In 1987, the project was completed. It sounds like they had a lovely, private ceremony.

The actor reportedly claimed that Rogers improved him as an actor and that he couldn’t picture himself with anyone else. Added him:

«More than everything in the world, I cherish my wife. She is my closest pal.

According to Andrew Morton’s unofficial biography of Tom Cruise, the actor filed for divorce on December 9, 1989.

Mimi, however, distinctly outlined the causes of her marriage’s dissolution in a recent interview. She acknowledged that it “bothers her” that her age is frequently mentioned in tabloids. She was Tom Cruise’s elder by six years.

Rogers, a well-known actress herself, stated that their breakup was not brought on by fame, Cruise’s jealously, or Scientology.

The actress disclosed that Cruise had given becoming a monk, which was incompatible with marriage, serious consideration. They decided to divorce as a result of that.

According to Instyle, there are reports that Cruise was dating his “Mission Impossible” co-star Hayley Atwell from 2020 until mid-2022 and is currently single. Cruise has a secretive personal life.

Rogers wed producer Chris Ciaffa in 2003; the couple has two children, named Lucy and Charlie.

The actress made it known that she had resigned from Scientology after Cruise and Rogers got divorced. He, on the other hand, continues to be an involved churchgoer.

According to some sources, the Scientology church was responsible for the breakup of Cruise’s two marriages—the first to Rogers and the second to Nicole Kidman.

Cruise continues to be a member of his church and says he attributes much of his success and ability to overcome his dyslexia to Scientology.