At the age of 87, Brigitte Bardot was dumped by her son… She rejected him and here is what happened to her…

One of her generation’s top actresses is Brigitte Bardot. More than one individual has noticed her stunning physique. The actress, who is currently 87 years old, has remained eloquent and charismatic throughout her career in film. Brigitte Bardot is admired for her charitable work, but she also has a dark side—her interaction with her family.

She had a son in 1960 against her will, and she has never made a big deal out of it. She has no actual contact with him, and her own family has abandoned her as well. She promised to revisit this topic throughout her interview.

Brigitte Bardot and Jacques Charrier were dating in 1960. The actress’s sole child, Nicolas-Jacques, was born on January 11, 1960, as a result of their romance. Years after this joyful occasion, the actress acknowledged that she wished she could undo the past. She has continued to bring up the anguish that this birth caused him throughout the years.

She explains that at the time (when she was 25 years old), she was extremely famous and the press was after her. This birth, in her opinion, occurred at the worst conceivable time. She had an excessive amount of work, and the media was out to get her.

She expressed her “poor self-esteem” and “tiredness from the movies.” She expressed her discomfort in the following way:

Having a child at this time was definitely not a good idea! The timing was off, and everyone suffered as a result. I was killing myself every three minutes while doing nothing but rubbish, but you can’t choose that.

She didn’t hesitate to discuss her son in her interviews by using unusual language. She had, for instance, compared her pregnancy to a malignancy that consumed her. The words “I would have chosen to give birth to a tiny dog” were another one that caused a lot of fuss.

The age of Nicolas-Jacques Charrier is currently 61. He made Norway his home, where he raised a family. Brigitte Bardot became a great-grandmother thanks to his two daughters, who are now in their thirties. Therefore, the famous actress is the matriarch of a big family that she no longer communicates with.

She was amusing in her response when the journalist inquired about whether or not her family had given her gifts for the holidays. She has, however, donated numerous gifts to those in need (ill, aged, or lonely) and has also received gifts from strangers. For Brigitte, these folks ultimately ended up being a second family.

Brigitte Bardot isn’t really controlled by time. Despite being 87 years old, she still maintains all of her beauty and indulges in minor coquetries. The animal rights activist provided a glimpse into her daily life during her interview:

«I do my makeup and my hair every day. each day. I’m always perfect (…). Even when I’m ill, I’m not the kind of person to give up on life.

Her enthusiasm for life is perhaps the key to her youth. Despite various health issues brought on by her advanced age, she never loses her grin, her cheerful disposition, or her renown candor. She loves to dance and will sacrifice her health to dance her ass off:

I use crutches to go around since I have double osteoarthritis in my hip, but if they play some flamenco or rumba music, I swear I get the urge to dance. I feel an itch!

The coronavirus was not the artist’s last or least important topic to discuss during this discussion. She has always been vehemently opposed to the French government’s introduction of the health pass and the mandatory vaccinations. She had even gone further, equating them with the pass enforced during the war, the “Ausweis.”

She explained in this interview why she is vehemently opposed to the anti-covid vaccine:

«Oh no! Every chemical irritates my allergies. I didn’t take the yellow fever vaccine even when I went to Africa. I had a fake certificate written by my doctor at the time. I left and returned in fantastic shape.

The least we can say is that Brigitte Bardot always remained true to herself, which is why we all adore her.