Rude customer complains about special needs worker, so the company installs the ideal sign

If you’re feeling disheartened about the state of humanity, allow Amanda’s story to rekindle hope. Amanda, a businesswoman and respected community member, is not only known for her professional endeavors but, most importantly, as a devoted mother to a child with Down Syndrome. Her firsthand experience has made her acutely aware of the challenges faced by those perceived as ‘different’ by society. Understanding the impact of judgment on her child’s self-esteem and that of others, Amanda is passionately protective, aiming to convey that individuals with unique qualities, like her child, seamlessly integrate into society, their differences making them special and distinctive.

A particular incident at Amanda’s restaurant prompted her to intervene. Learning that one of her employees, who has autism, faced harassment from a rude customer, she couldn’t remain indifferent. Notably, many employees in her restaurant have disabilities, a deliberate choice by Amanda to provide opportunities for those who may require more time to learn tasks but, once mastered, prove unstoppable.

Amanda’s approach to running her business involves assigning specific tasks to different individuals, ensuring everyone excels in their designated responsibilities. When a customer expressed frustration because an employee wasn’t trained to refill a bowl with lettuce, Amanda calmly explained their unique work approach. However, the customer’s frustration escalated, and he suggested hanging a ‘warning’ sign about disabled employees.

Rather than succumb to anger, Amanda saw an opportunity in the suggestion. She proudly displayed a sign at the restaurant’s entrance stating, “WE ARE PROUD TO BE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER AND HIRE ALL OF GOD’S CHILDREN.” For Amanda, this sign served as appreciation for her employees’ dedication and a means of safeguarding their emotional and mental well-being. She shared, “These are like my kids, and it made me angry. I wanted to do something that was not rude, but got my point across.”

Regarding the dismissive customer, Amanda affirmed her stance, saying, “If he is not OK with that, then I’m OK with him not coming back. That’s a dollar that I don’t need.” Amanda’s unwavering support for her employees stands as an inspiring testament to her commitment to inclusivity and compassion. Feel free to share Amanda’s uplifting story with your family and friends.