Scottish photographer illustrates what redheads appear like around the world in “Kissed by the Sun” project… Check out the pictures here!

Only 2% of people worldwide, according to unofficial statistics, can claim to have red hair. However, Scottish photographer Kieran Dodds is certain that their distinctiveness goes beyond only their hair.

The photojournalist has been working on a project where he looked for and took pictures of redheads all across the world for more than 7 years. By the way, Kieran chose this course of study because Scotland is thought to be the home for all those with red hair.

Yes, this is research because the photographer is certain that these people’s peculiarities go beyond only their hair color and include a unique spirit.

In order for everyone to enjoy and experience the oddity and originality of these folks, Kiran assembled all of his photos into a single collection and shared them on his page on social media.

I would like to point out that, despite the fact that each model is unique, there appears to be some connection between them. They all share something, and it is not only their hair color.

Kieran, incidentally, is also a redhead. He searched all over the world for his models, including China, Jamaica, and Russia.

Kieran also came to the conclusion that wearing red is excellent when you’re a kid and worst while you’re in school. After all, those with flame hair colors always draw a lot of attention, which just serves as fodder for jokes among classmates!

What are your thoughts on redheads?