Whitney Houston cover by a DOG. This is amazing!

Do you believe that music is exclusively audible to humans? You should look at this dog if you are truly sure of this. The talent contest judges in Belgium are unforgiving. It’s not an easy task, but you truly need to give it your best if you want to win their approval.

Recently, nevertheless, a dog’s performance astounded the judges! Imagine their shock when the man who attended the performance announced that he would not demonstrate his talents. He sent his singing dog instead!

I Will Always Love You, one of Whitney Houston’s most well-known songs, was playing in the background as Lady Xena performed. The audience cheered enthusiastically when the dog howled the song’s highest note at the conclusion.

The judges were obviously taken aback, and the dog quickly rose to fame in the nation (as you would have predicted, it is now well-known worldwide). By the way, the dog’s owners found their pet’s gift entirely by chance.

They simply went to a cafe where that song was playing one day when Lady Xena accompanied them. The Lady then abruptly started singing. I imagine it must have been pretty weird.

Watch the video here: