See how a girl appears after spending more than 120,000 euros on her cosmetic treatments…

People occasionally engage in wishful thinking, in which case everyone works toward their own objectives.

For instance, Oksana Li, a girl, claims to have paid more than 120,000 euros for her makeover. She is an Instagram blogger who updates her followers on new images as well as her life’s journey.

Let’s check to see if that holds true.

After being invited to one of the programs on the federal channel, the girl gained national recognition.

Oksana revealed there how much she had invested in herself, but no one had any faith in such lofty sums.

The girl replies without a doubt that she is supported by a wealthy man who genuinely enjoys all the changes in her when questioned about where she gets her money from.

Both straightforward cosmetic operations and outstanding plastic treatments cost all of those millions of dollars.

The girl made her breasts bigger and changed the way her nose looked.

Oksana often thought about her change, but she spent a long time searching for the person who would choose to foot the bill for all of her cosmetic treatments.

The girl felt considerably happy when she saw a more positive representation of herself in the mirror.