She became famous by having 8 children at once: Take a look at what happened to the mom then…

A hitherto undiscovered American citizen shocked the entire globe in 2009. Nadia Suleman, an Iranian-American woman, gave birth to eight kids all at once! The woman gained the moniker “octoma” and started receiving invitations to different reality programs. However, the “octomainitial “‘s buzz rapidly died down, leaving the woman jobless.

Nadia divorced and raised her six older children before having eight children. The woman had a poor standard of living but had no desire to work at all to provide for her huge family. In order to become famous and then acquire money “out of thin air,” she made the risky decision to suffer and give birth to 8–10 children at once.

Naturally, Nadia needed medical assistance in order to become pregnant and have eight children. As many as 12 embryos took root in the woman’s body as a result of artificial insemination. Four embryos perished after two weeks while the others continued to grow.

Nadia was successful in getting what she desired. Nadia had a caesarean section; her 8 babies were full-term and healthy. News of a woman pregnant with “oktyats” (as the kids were known in the press) was everywhere.

Nadia began by making her living space better. The woman took part in a reality show and was compensated well for filming. But after a year, people stopped watching the “octomame.” People get sick of watching her swaddle, bathe, and raise “oktya” over and over again.

Nadia earned pennies from charitable foundations and a meager allowance from the state. From that point on, her life became a living hell. “We existed from check to check – we only had enough cash to pay our debts and rent a house,” said the unhappy mom, who herself created multiple issues for herself.

To feed a growing family, money was desperately needed. Nadia’s 14 kids shared 2 bedrooms, ate the cheapest food, and frequently lacked clothing. What led to Nadia’s ambition to gain fame at the expense of children was the continual cries of infants, poverty, and a lack of outside assistance. “I despise my Oktas; they behave like repulsive animals!” “, yelled the mother.

Nadya Suleman started working as a stripper a few years ago in order to escape poverty. She even tried her hand at appearing in pornographic movies, however she gave up this endeavor in early 2017. What a “exemplary” mother she is—14 kids! Fortunately, the 42-year-old woman acknowledged her errors in recent interviews.

“I acknowledge that I made a huge mistake by wanting to become renowned by having kids. But as of late, my opinions have entirely altered, and I no longer even wish to go by the name “Nadia.”

It’s true that Nadya Suleman prefers to go by “Natalia.” The woman is considering meeting a loved one and getting a nice job. The octoma, who is already prepared for a new phase in her peculiar life, declares that “our house only lacks a devoted father.”