Everyone loves her violin music but only few actually knew about her condition before…

People often talk about a Japanese girl who mastered one-handed violin playing. The woman performs this while holding a unique shoulder prosthesis on which she has fastened a bow. However, when you hear his music, you initially find it hard to believe that he is the only person behind it. A video of a Japanese woman playing the violin went viral on Facebook at the start of September. It doesn’t sound particularly special, does it?

However, the woman is missing her right arm, which has been replaced by a long mechanical prosthesis that is slung over her shoulder. At the finish, a bow is held. The woman warms up a bit before playing. She then attaches the violin’s bow. The design is very awkward at first sight, and it appears that nothing will likely come of this project.

But as soon as the violin begins to play, all reservations about the Japanese team’s game are put to rest. She moves her right shoulder, causing the instrument to generate an incredible song.

A Facebook user from Japan submitted the video of a woman playing the violin. And the video received nearly 10 million views in just five days.

Manami is the name of the woman, and she enjoys swimming in addition to listening to music. She took part in the paralympics. She is a nurse by profession. She also has a child to raise.