She is 61 years old, while he is 24. Now that they are married, here is what they want to do!

Kuran and Cheryl are a unique pair from the USA whose love story was made possible by short films.

They each singly tried their luck at dominating the TikTok platform, but they didn’t achieve widespread fame until they banded together. Funny films of a couple with a 37-year age gap started to receive millions of views, and the channel’s subscriber base sharply increased.

Kuran and Cheryl spent days filming movies before realizing they shared sentiments in addition to a shared passion. Kuran proposed to his lover in July 2021, and the two later wed in September.

Newspaper headlines made the pair renowned in the entire world very quickly, which increased the popularity of their channel. But the couple’s existence was still lacking something. They also decided to become parents!

A surrogate mom, whose candidacy is being aggressively considered, will be used by Cheryl and Kuran. The couple is prepared to remove the child from the orphanage if there isn’t a deserving woman. This will enable them to unite as a whole family.

This is yet another illustration of how age is irrelevant in a relationship. How do you feel about this kind of union?