She is 63 and is referred to as “the most beautiful and graceful grandma in the world”

Many individuals nowadays are worried about aging and have developed numerous strategies to delay it. Various anti-wrinkle treatments, Botox, and even cosmetic surgery are frequently used.

The anti-aging market has grown to be a really global economic sector with a value in the billions of euros. However, not everyone has to go through all of these chemical procedures.

A model who is 63 years old and our today’s heroine is the ideal illustration of this.

Yasemina, a French model, has frequently graced the covers of international publications. But unlike other models, she did not begin her profession until she was in her 30s.

She also revealed that she ate olive oil, applied sugar to her skin, and used rapeseed oil for her hair once a week. She consumed organic meat, seafood, and avocados every day.

I agree that this woman is a true inspiration. It appears that you may look young forever if you want to. Our aging is influenced by how much and how we work, sleep, enjoy our free time, and even think.

The American Longevity Project found that those who are organized tend to live longer than those who are less organized. They behave more safely and take better care of their health.

It has come to light that it is a prevalent misconception that as people get older, they require less sleep. According to sleep specialists, mood and health might be impacted by sleeping fewer than 6 hours per day.