All of the judges were taken aback after listening to these kids’ voices!

One of “The Voice’s” most thrilling performances is the chair trick. The chair trick is much more thrilling when it involves talented young singers! Young singers from many countries who are amazing are featured on “The Voice” Kids. Benjamin is a German singer who performs “Stuck on You.” The judges are at first hesitant, but as Benjamin starts to showcase his singing prowess, they start to spin the top two.

The other 2 judges spin their chairs after hearing an outstanding singing performance. After getting a standing ovation, Benjamin sobs. Noa Rangel performs “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” in Portugal.

Before two judges turn their chairs precisely at the same moment, she doesn’t even skip the first verse. In the middle of the second verse, a third judge rotates, and as she powerfully sings the chorus, she spins the final judge.

Turning the tables, young Jan Alexander performs “Juicy” from “The Notorious B.I.G.” in Belgium. After the song’s first two words, all three judges turn around in their seats. Finally, the last judge moves his chair.

Everyone is happy as they wave alongside Jan in the crowd. Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is sung by Anne-Catherine from Belgium. After the verse’s first line, a judge turns his chair, shocking Anne-Catherine.

The final two judges then turn once the second judge does. She is giddy with excitement, and the judges are beaming. The clips also feature some amazing singers from Brazil, Germany, and Mexico. Germany is where the song “Remember Me” by Benjamin Bratt, which Nadia sings, makes one of the fastest turns. A judge’s chair revolves in 5 seconds because of Nadia’s distinctive voice.

When they all turn around and the audience rises, the remaining three judges are waiting to hear the song’s final rating. Finally, Maria from Portugal sings Adele’s “Easy on Me.” She sings and plays the piano. At the conclusion of the first stanza, two judges rotate.

The judges grinned as the audience applauded. She persuaded each judge to turn around at the song’s conclusion. These special episodes of “The Voice” feature young people from all across the world who have extraordinary talent.

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