She is a mother of SEVEN bright kids but everyone thinks that she is one of the siblings… Here is why!

At 46 years old, having 7 kids is not exactly the norm, but it is a very real situation. The fact that Jessica Anslow, an American, had numerous children at an early age helped her gain worldwide fame, but it wasn’t the only contributing element.

After so many babies, her “secret” was to maintain a flawless figure. A fit parent frequently gets mistaken for her daughters’ sister, which only serves to reinforce her motivation to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

At the age of nineteen, in 1994, Jessica Anslow gave birth to her first child. Her inability to fit into her favorite jeans after leaving the hospital with more weight was the initial inspiration to make changes in her life.

Mrs. Anslow’s figure deteriorated even further after the birth of her second child, and her seventh child was born in 2013. The woman then made the decision to start exercising and eating healthfully.

As a result, Jessica now appears in a way that many did not before to the first after seven pregnancies.

When questioned about the key to youth during one of her interviews, Jessica noted:

“I am aware that there is always a method to achieve a goal. Do everything you can, I advise you to do. Be stern with your objectives while being adaptable in obtaining them!

A fitness parent revealed in one of the British publications that initially, turning down sweets was the hardest thing for her:

“I used to be able to spoon-feed myself chocolate cream. I spread it over bread and added banana slices to the sandwich’s already high calorie content. Then I understood that it is unlikely to go well if I continue in this attitude. I had to alter my food habits.

The kid now occasionally indulges in sugary and starchy foods, but she has fully given up fast food and fatty foods. Burgers and fried potatoes were on her list of foods that were strictly forbidden.

Anslow consumes everything else, but in moderation, so as not to deprive himself of life’s pleasures.