You would not be able to recognize this 6-year-old girl with no makeup… Here is how she looks naturally…

Everyone is aware of the detrimental psychological effects that young children’s beauty pageants have. In addition, children undergo a vast array of adult procedures in order to compete, including hair removal, solarium, and hair styling, as well as teeth whitening and other facial treatments that can be harmful to a child’s health.

According to many experts, the competition itself serves as a significant psychological exam for the kids. Baby health cannot be at risk from any of this.

However, because the victors get good monetary awards, the competitions are still well-liked. Others believe that sometimes little “failures” are just a way for unhappy mothers to feel important and gratified.

If you can’t accomplish it on your own, you can “notice” yourself at your daughter’s expense. The protagonist of our story is a 6-year-old Thai girl named Freya.

Freya sports a full face of “heavy” makeup when competing. The girl won a beauty pageant, but her cosmetics made her look like a lady in her thirties; meanwhile, without makeup, she was barely recognizable.

The girl was heavily made up, and in addition to that, she used special materials to bleach her skin. All of this is bad for kids’ skin.

Freya appeared to be a completely different child—one who was kind and uninhibited. What do you think of kid-friendly beauty pageants?