Judges are stunned by a man in a wheelchair after he failed at his first try… VIDEO attached!

It’s true that America’s Got Talent: Extreme is not for the timid. Wheelz from Las Vegas won a golden buzzer after failing to execute a risky act while seated in his wheelchair on his second attempt to land flawlessly.

A wheelchair motocross competitor named Aaron Wheelz, 29, joined AGT: Extreme to attempt a “Ramp falling into 40 ft. front flip.” Even without a disability, this stunt would be challenging. It is particularly difficult for someone with a disability, particularly one as severe as “Spina Bifida.”

The term “Spina Bifida” refers to a baby’s incomplete backbone development. Spina bifida has always been a part of my existence, as Aaron further explained. I’ve undergone 23 surgeries so far. I was using crutches before I started using a wheelchair. Having a disability as a child, there was always pressure to walk, he continued. nearly always signifies giving up if you need a wheelchair.

But he underlined, “The wheelchair represented liberation for me. He frequently visited the skate park, where he observed bike-riding men. Aaron attempted it despite his fear. In his initial effort, he hit the ground and fell upon his face. Even though he did not land properly, this courageous athlete thought at the time, “He did it!” He obviously persisted in trying because he is now on AGT: Extreme.

“That was the most surreal experience in the world,” he remarked. This contestant’s point of view moved the audience as well. He said, “Life handed me a new pair of wheels, but I can’t skateboard or ride a bike.”

His life “began when he overcame his fear and learned this sport.” He is married to a lovely woman who has always given him courage and support. In truth, his wife had pushed him to take part in the program. The appreciative spouse remarked, “She’s absolutely my number one fan.

The lengthy wait was then ended! This daredevil scaled a 40-foot ramp and jumped down with reckless abandon. He then performed a front flip before falling to the other side face-down. Everyone was afraid and frightened for Aaron, especially the AGT judges and host Nikki, Travis, Terry, and Simon who saw him pull off the stunt on top of the ramp.

Simon did not want Aaron to repeat the action because he was so alarmed and scared. The audience also gasped in surprise. But this tenacious man was not one to give up quickly. He explained that “he slightly over-rotated” and mishandled the landing. After gathering himself, he begged for another opportunity before re-climbing the ramp. The “heart of an extreme athlete” was evident in him.

Everyone was afraid for this extraordinary man as tension increased. Aaron once more plunged 40 feet, flipped, and landed on the other side—but this time, he did a flawless front flip while seated in a wheelchair!

When he safely and flawlessly landed, everybody cheered and applauded loudly. He received accolades from Simon Cowell for his bravery when he said, “You articulated why, in my opinion, we made this program… You have a good chance of winning this.

“You are the essence of never giving up,” remarked Nikki Bella. When she hit the golden buzzer to advance him to the finals, she put a triumphant cap on the competition.

Many people, both in person and online, have been impacted by Aaron. On YouTube, this astounding achievement has already received more than 400K views. People have praised and shown support to this fighter from all across the world.

When the show began, Aaron Wheelz had just established his sincerity. “Everyone here on ‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’ is nuts,” he declared. Therefore, I’m going all out for my performance. I’ve worked long hours and experienced several failures. It seems like I’ve been preparing for this my entire life. I’ve spent my entire life challenging assumptions and pushing the envelope, and tonight I’m going to do just that.

At America’s Got Talent: Extreme, we expect to see you in the finals and for you to be the brave and victorious last man standing. We appreciate you motivating us to persevere in the face of difficulties.

Here is the video: