She was considered to be the most beautiful girl at the age of 4… Check out what she looks like now, after so many years!

The “prettiest girl in the world,” Kristina Pimenova, was born in December 2005. There are social networks where Christina is active, and she currently has more than 2 million followers.

Given that she is one of the most attractive female models, this is understandable. Given her adorable characteristics, she truly deserves it.

Although her mother denies ever having a role in the modeling industry, several of Christina’s followers claim that she too has a lovely beauty.

Her mother used to take care of the housework but is no longer employed in her line of employment.

The girl’s father was a professional football player who belonged to the Lokomotiv team. He has won numerous honors and has also played for other football clubs. The girl is a gymnast and has long practiced rhythmic gymnastics.

But because of her busy schedule, she decided to stop gymnastics. She occasionally was unable to even eat normally and would only eat while driving to her classes.

She now strives to do all of her schoolwork as soon as possible because it is crucial for her to be a good student.

The girl initially saw modeling as a hobby in which she took a keen interest. It was just another game to her.

She had a rigorous schedule and gradually grew accustomed to her extensive filming. She gradually accepted it and started to take her job seriously despite everything.

With the Sylvia Hatch Kids business, Kristina began taking photographs seriously for the first time, and during this time, her images were widely shared online.

After that, she attracted the attention of other businesses and enjoyed enormous success. She started getting requests from other businesses, and she started modeling professionally.

She received invitations from brands like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, etc. She had a successful career and numerous contracts.