Simon Cowell rolls his eyes on this kid who was about to perform… But then look at what happens!

Sometimes the tiniest surprises are the biggest ones. This was the case with the youngster from Hong Kong who astounded everyone during her audition for America’s Got Talent’s 12th season in 2017.

Celine Tam, a 9-year-old who appeared even younger than her actual age, chose to perform her name-sake, My Heart Will Go On, a popular song by Celine Dion.

Judge Simon Cowell was particularly astounded by Celine’s extraordinary singing abilities because he had initially dismissed her based on his initial opinion of her.

The crowd has already risen from their chairs to applaud the young singer, who has hardly had a chance to begin.

Celine’s Instagram bio indicates that she was born on November 22, 2007, which proves once again that she is young.

It is amazing how children at a young age are able to perform so amazingly that the judges and all of the people in the audience are really taken aback.

We are happy for Celine, and we believe that she, along with other talented kids, deserves to have a successful future!

Watch the video below!