A 74-year-old mother sues her four children after they did this…

Given all the contradictions they contain, parent-child relationships are undoubtedly among the most challenging to manage. This is a unique relationship that has historically generated a great deal of discussion. There is no denying that a parent will sacrifice anything for their child, as it is their desire for him to be content and happy.

If the child has received the proper upbringing, he or she will continuously feel the urge to “repay” these efforts. Josefa Cala Caro, 74, was had to leave her home when her kids changed the lock on their front door. Sadly, there are instances when children have no regard for what a parent is doing for them or has done for them.

That the state is doing nothing to help Ms. Josefa, who finds herself “on the streets” overnight, is utterly ludicrous. Her five children—including four in particular—would have taken advantage of her illness to change the lock on her residence, as we can see from the harsh remarks of this woman.

One year has elapsed since that time, during which the woman has been unable to access her home and possessions. With the help of her youngest daughter and the rest of her family, the desperate widow sued her four children.

However, justice proceeds slowly, and the woman is denied her fundamental rights as she waits for the courts to rule. The fact that the residents are paradoxically virtually better protected than those who have been evicted is strange.

It doesn’t matter if it was your kids or strangers that drove you from your house; the fact is, it can happen to anybody. Josefa believes that by sharing her story, others who are experiencing similar circumstances will be given a voice.