Sisters performed “Happy Birthday” to Father, but when he blows out the candles, look what the sister standing next to him does…

Life can be quite difficult if you are the parent of 6 girls, including quintuplets. Being a mother of two kids, my home is constantly disorganized, and arranging anything is really challenging. At times, it isn’t even worthwhile. A birthday with so many kids is unimaginable to me.

I was astounded by the children in the video you are about to watch for how serenely they stood to wish their father a happy birthday. But just when you think everything is fine, one of the young children reacts in a humorous way. Any cake with candles is attractive to a baby when they are this young, whether it is for you or not.

These children’s expressions as mom present the cake to dad are very adorable. Naturally aware of what is going on, the older sister joyfully joins in on her mother’s singing. As Dad prepared to blow out the candles after Mom and Big Sis had done singing “Happy Birthday,” the girls observed.

In order for him to blow out the candles on the cake, Dad carefully pulled it closer to him, but he had no idea what was in store for him. We’re very happy they recorded it! Watch the baby’s adorable reaction in the video below; it’s priceless. This cuteness leaves you unable to help but smile.

Here is the video: