After only three seconds, a judge pressed the button, and you should see how she silenced the entire room…

Nowadays, there are a lot of contests aimed at finding gifted kids. These young people occasionally appear during the competition as though they were born to sing. This situation is not unique. We’re going to show you a performance by a gifted young lady who came to the competition and won the public and jury’s admiration.

Sometimes you just know when you see something that, it is something spectacular and unusual. And when a young girl by the name of Sophie took the stage during The Voice Kids concert in Germany, that was unquestionably the case.

Before one of the judges turned the chair, the girl had barely finished her song. You did hear correctly; Sophie actually only managed to utter two sentences before celebrating her victory in the tournament. What precisely did this girl do to shock the judges, crowd, and TV viewers?

You’ll have to hear it for yourself to find out, though. I know you’ll adore Sophie’s performance of Edith Piaf’s timeless song Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien. Play the video below, turn up the volume, and take in a fantastic and astounding performance. Why does a young girl sound like she has been singing on stage for fifty years?

Here is the video: