Some individuals think you can buy happiness with money and here is what they say…

Our only significant asset with a material value is money, which has become a part of our life. We cannot move without it because it provides for all of our requirements, including food and clothing. The most crucial need, money, must be satisfied by laborious labor. Lack of wealth prevents one from having the chance to be content, get respect, or lead a fruitful life.

It turns out that money is the answer to every issue. He owes us our life, too. People are willing to take numerous incredible actions for the sake of money in life. Money, however, is only a temporary material resource for some individuals; it is nothing more than that.

Money does not guarantee contentment and happiness in life. You can spend money on expensive furniture, but alas, neither comfortable sleep nor pleasant dreams. You can spend it on bread, but you won’t fill and nourish the spirit. You can spend it on a lovely outfit and accessories, but you won’t beautify the soul and inner world.

After all, having money has never made someone happy; rather, it has always made them submissive. Money never provides memorable moments or a smile. Without it, people start to lose the peaceful flow of life since everything is decided on the basis of material gain. As we try to attain the pinnacle of materialism, debates about money are a constant part of our everyday lives.

Steven Bankers made an effort to keep money out of people’s lives. He was one of the few who stated that the only thing in life except money that keeps people in a materialistic addiction is money. He said that because money has material value, its existence or absence can upset a person’s equilibrium.

He believed that a person should work five days a week and have two days off. Working a full-time job does not make a person happy or satisfied. No one should be judged primarily by their ability to acquire wealth.

Relationships, happiness, and fulfillment should take precedence in our life and not be based on money or be secondary in any way. People work all day long without taking breaks in an effort to make a lot of money, with little regard for their health. A person should labor in accordance with his or her preferences in order to rule out this phenomenon.