Sweet story about a puppy who, with Santa’s assistance, gets his everlasting home!

The short film Believe, written, edited, and directed by Jeffrey Pratt, will make you happy inside and out. It was launched on December 4, 2020, just in time for the holidays.

And because of the pandemic at the time, many people all across the world were spending their first Christmas alone, captivating everyone who watched with the actual meaning of Christmas.

With just three characters and no conversation, Pratt was able to capture the wonder of believing and the joy of giving in under three minutes.

In the opening image, a dog is seen lying down beneath a small shelter that is decorated for Christmas and even has a stocking made out of a sock.

Despite being chilly and alone, the dog is in a festive setting with a modest Christmas tree and lots of snow.

Despite being lightly dusted with snow, the golden retriever seems to be waiting for something—or, better still, someone.

In a couple of seconds, the real Santa Claus—playing himself—arrives and starts lovingly petting the dog.

Santa then gives the dog a loving bath inside the barn.

In this scene, Santa’s concern for Buddy—whose name we eventually learn—is evident.

In this heartwarming scenario, Santa gently washes his head, and you might even find yourself crying.

Buddy waits impatiently for what Santa has in store for him once more after drying off and receiving a new collar with his name on it.

The next scene shows Buddy sitting in a living room in front of a magnificent Christmas tree.

Little feet in Christmas pajamas finally start to descend the stairs.

The dog’s label sways in pleasure when the kid arrives and starts touching his new friend; it is essentially pleasant and astonishingly authentic.

Buddy finally settles down to see the youngster opening his presents. The dog looks up at the sky with a longing that almost resembles gratitude.

Even though there are no spoken words in the movie, the soundtrack spreads a message of beauty and hope to everyone who hears it.

Christmas is a religious holiday.

a time for optimism, wonder, and celebration of the beauty of the season.

It also shows the feeling that animals feel and how much a dog needs and longs for a warm home.

You will undoubtedly cry while watching this heartwarming and delightful movie, and you might even decide to acquire your family a dog!

or maybe add a puppy to Santa’s list.)

Watch the video below!