The 94-year-old grandma rose to fame on social media thanks to her modeling skills… Check out her stylish photos here!

A 94-year-old Japanese woman quickly rose to fame on Instagram as a result of her remarkable modeling skills. The Internet exploded when it saw her wearing clothes created by her designer granddaughter!

The Japanese grandma, 94, rose to fame as a fashion model when her Instagram page started to receive a lot of likes from fans. Emiko Toguchi, 94, wears clothing created by her grandchild, the fashion designer Tsinami Mori.

She frequently uploads images to her Instagram profile wearing stylish attire. Tsinami Mori is an expert in “saori-ori,” a type of traditional hand weaving practiced in Japan. Seven years ago, Mori developed an interest in this skill, and two years later it became her primary source of income. The girl frequently employs “saori-ori” ornaments in her models.

Mori claimed that she asked her grandma to model since they both enjoyed having fun together, and it turned out to be just another method for them to do so. Mori also hoped that by playing this role, her grandma would “remain young, even if just in her heart.” Emiko Toguchi started to get a lot of letters after her photos were posted on the network, many of which contained words of admiration and encouragement.

Maury claims that her grandmother’s involvement in modeling allowed her to experience a number of firsts. So Mor created her grandmother’s wedding gown. 94-year-old Emika Toguchi has never been married. Mori explains, “I was glad to see how joyful she was, how a blush bursts out on her cheeks. Perhaps my grandfather is admiring her from a position in heaven.

Emiko Toguchi admits, “At first, I declined because I believed it was ridiculous for an elderly person to show clothes. “I believed it to be only appropriate for the young and attractive. But when I had myself perform as a model once, I grew accustomed to it and eventually began to enjoy it.

When strangers compliment me and say, “Oh, you’re cool,” I’m thrilled. With such a hopeful outlook, the model and people could inspire many more!