On her son’s wedding day, she went straight to the salon to get her hair done and no one recognized her!

Janet traveled by plane from Utah to Minneapolis, Minnesota, so that stylist Christopher Hopkins could give her a makeover and help her start anew. She made this choice for two reasons: first, she wanted to start a new life after successfully overcoming certain health issues; second, her son was getting married to a lovely girl, and Janet wanted to look her best.

She cared for her spouse till his death a few years ago after he became ill. His passing struck her hard, and Janet experienced severe depression. She ultimately found a way to gather herself, and even then, she improved.

She naturally acknowledged to the stylist that she had never carried out something such. If she didn’t jump in now, she might never do it, the woman reasoned. He does not want to wait until tomorrow to update his appearance. Janet said, “Just be yourself, but better,” in response to the question about her ideal appearance.

As they assured Janet she would enjoy it, the MakeOver Guy team is usually ready for a challenge like this.

Although the woman had long, gray, thinning, and lifeless hair when she arrived at the Minneapolis studio, Christopher and his crew were prepared to improve the way she looked. Janet instantly changed into another woman when they altered her appearance. Her appearance is not the only change. Even the woman’s personality appeared to have changed.

She was fluent but also reserved and a touch restrained during the initial visit to the salon.

She displayed a charming and attractive personality when the stylists unveiled her true attractiveness. The woman was dubbed the “spirit of the business.” No longer hiding in a corner, she now took pleasure in interacting with those around her. She hadn’t smiled or laughed that much in years.

It was wonderful to watch Janet come to. She not only appreciated the new appearance but also the transformation process itself. “It appears to be me, not someone else. When stylists questioned her about the new appearance, she responded, “It’s not that exaggerated. Janet said, “You did it girl, I’m very proud of you,” in response to their inquiry about what her spouse would say.

And those who have observed her concur! You’re cute, Janet, someone said. Such short hair is perfect for you; it’s light and airy, perfect for a spring wedding and a new chapter in your life. Best wishes She’s been revived, and she looks terrific, according to another evaluation. Everyone acclaims Janet’s stunning appearance. Inside and out, she has changed!