The cat discovered a venomous snake hidden in a shopping bag and tried to protect his owner… Then…

A few days earlier, Ricky Owens, a resident of Dartmoor, returned from the supermarket and positioned shopping bags next to the refrigerator.

Then the man left the front doorway open and walked outside for a few hours. Ricky noticed that Gordon, his cat, was acting strangely when he came back.

When Ricky went to get some tea in the cooler, he noticed that the cat was pursuing the bags he had placed nearby.

It turned out that a one-meter tiger snake was only a few inches away from Ricky and his pet.

The upset snake quickly disappeared beneath the refrigerator, and Ricky had a tough time finding it.

According to Ricky, “I just witnessed a couple of centimeters of snake stomach protruding from behind the fridge.”

Fortunately, the Australian learned how to grab the dangerous lizard by the tail and throw it over the nursery wall.

From this point on, a guy will never again joke about the cat’s antics and will stop leaving the front door open since he believes the snake entered the house through it.