The father had left his son a fairly large wealth, which was discovered once the father’s records were restored…

Exequiel discovered his father’s old savings checkbook from the 1960s and 1970s under the stack of documents. The initial sum that Mr. Hinojosa Sr. contributed was a mere $173; as a result of inflation over time, it has “somewhat” increased.

After consulting his attorneys and conducting a prior inquiry, he learned that the total savings came to $1,200,000. Contrary to popular belief, Exequiel did not resign from his position or begin living a life of luxury as a result of his good fortune.

The man declared, “I will use this money to secure an excellent education for my grandkids, and I will buy a small plot of earth. I like working because it makes me feel valuable, and I don’t want to stop.

I’ll be able to realize my ambition of creating the house I want with this method. And after that, I expect to be able to start a driving school, as my daughter recommended.

Unfortunately, he had a difficult time actually getting the money. It was required to get in touch with the State Defense Council and even the President of the Republic because the checkbook was very old.

It took a while to open the checkbook because it had been kept and taken in by the government. But ultimately she gave him an April 4 delivery date for the money, and that’s when he began making preparations for the future.

Evidently, Hinojosa had to wait a while before seeing the results of his search, but in the end, he was fortunate.