Grandmother plays the well-known song “You Are My Sunshine” on the guitar for her sleeping dog and singer, a small cat! Video attached!

When an adorable little girl sings “You Are My Sunshine” while playing her guitar, all is right with the world.

A dozing chihuahua and a meowing cat can be heard in the background with her. As one admirer put it, “I couldn’t quit grinning at this.”

Certainly a wonderful woman and the happiest dog and cat on the planet. There is a lot of love in that home. Without a doubt, I told all of my friends about this.

Her tiny chihuahua puppy appears to grasp everything, and this may be the cutest thing ever. Occasionally, her lovely cat steals the show with his improvised vocal accompaniment.

Sometimes, something as basic as this is all it takes to get our attention and for us to reflect on how amazing the world is.

Many thanks to Malinda Herman, the gorgeous woman in this video. She is bringing joy to many people with her music, her dozing dog, and her singing cat.

Watch the video below!