The father of four daughters provided a realistic depiction of family life… Here are some photos!

When Simon Hooper had his first set of twins with Clemmie, his wife of ten long years, they were both 24 years old. The man claimed to still be a real child who had no experience being a parent on his network profile. However, the passage of time has organized everything.

Currently, Simon has four daughters. He has gained the ability to do everything throughout the years, like cook porridge, braid pigtails, handle temper tantrums in kids, and generally live with 4 girls in the same home.

We are not flawless, though, as we are all aware. Simon is obviously not like some people who meticulously try to mask their true feelings by only posting the best photos from joyful family photo shoots, pathos events, and lovely parties to their personal sites.

The father of numerous children at one point rose to fame online merely by sharing unaltered images on his blog. He makes it clear if the daughters are throwing fits. Today is not going well; the house is a mess, everyone is yelling, and nerves are frayed to the breaking point. Subscribers, take the picture. Hooper has gained the admiration of his supporters as a result.

They couldn’t help but admire his guts, frankness, and determination to portray his life as it actually was. Parents nodded sympathetically, those without kids opted to put off this endeavor for a long, and some people just grinned at the humorous but slightly thrashy footage.

For instance, Simon frequently shops in this manner. Children are clinging to their father and pulling at his hair. He still needs to push the cart in front of him despite the stroller being partially loaded with his girls and partially with groceries.

Nevertheless, Dad’s smile is clearly visible on his face.

And sometimes a family walk goes like this. Looking at the image, it is clear that the mother of many kids was not at all irate and did not scream at her daughter when she chose to lie down in the middle of the street. She simply jumped in.

This image demonstrates how the females were caught red-handed. But what exactly did they do wrong? Isn’t that what sunscreen is for—to slather it on? It’s just a tiny quantity in the wrong spot, but it’s not a big concern.

And here, the father has spent an hour attempting to put his smaller girls to sleep. But it was in vain. The kids are still not sleeping at all. They are required to attend an impromptu acrobatics class, and they have no control over it.