The heroic 5-year-old who saved his mother’s life is now a firefighter… Full story here!

Salvatore Cicalese, a young child, had never been instructed on how to use the 911 system or whom to contact in an emergency, but one night, his mother’s life was saved by his instincts.

After turning on the tap so she could take a shower, Kaitlyn Cicalese experienced a seizure. Salvatore, who was five years old, was alerted by the noise. He promptly decided to get his young sister and go next door.

Jessica Penoyer, their next-door neighbor, was startled to see the young kid at her door. When Salvatore announced that his mother had passed away in the bathtub, her worry quickly turned to alarm.

She alerted the authorities to her neighbor’s situation by dialing 911. Kaitlyn was able to be saved from drowning in her own bathtub by the EMTs, who arrived in time. After going completely unconscious, she had no memory of anything.

Salvatore’s astute decision-making averted an unimaginable disaster. Salvatore maintained his composure, safeguarded his infant sister, and averted disaster when most kids would have freaked out upon witnessing their mom in such a position.

A few days later, the neighborhood fire department’s truck once more passed by their block. This time, the entire fire department dispersed to give Salvatore an honorary badge and hat.

To have a son who is a hero is a blessing for any mother. Kaitlyn will always be appreciative to her son for saving her life. Possibly a career as a firefighter or first responder is in Salvatore’s future!

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