Here are the most stunning voices performing on talent events around the world. Watch the VIDEO here!

The United States has enjoyed singing talent shows for many years. Copycat shows have debuted since “American Idol” swept the ratings in its first season. Singing talent competition shows, like the “Got Talent” series and “The Voice,” draw large audiences.

The Top Ten Most Shocking Voices list includes Andrew De Leon, who is dressed in gothic attire and has thick eyeliner. He sings with the most exquisite operatic voice, contrary to what the judges’ expectations of emo rock or death metal. The judges and crowd give Andrew a standing ovation after he sings a number of high notes.

Next comes six-year-old Aaralyn, who is charming. Her brother Isaiah plays the drums while she is accompanied by him. As soon as the music begins, the young girl begins shouting the words. Howard Stern is among the judges who are shocked. Even when singing in a death metal manner, she has such a naive, innocent appearance.

Another Top Ten video comes from the cross-dresser Gingzilla. A jazzy rendition of “Seven Nation Army” is sung by Gingzilla. As Gingzilla sings very low, operatic, then high like a girl, the judges are astounded.

A symphony behind Marcelito Pomoy dazzles the judges. His voice reaches high notes and sounds feminine. Howie Mandel, the judge, cannot believe it is him speaking. Midway through the song, after wowing the judges with his high notes, he dips really deep. Even performing a duet with himself, Marcelito receives four judges’ “Yes” votes.

John Hetlinger, a vocalist who was born in Broomfield, Colorado, is 82 years old. Former aerospace engineer, he is. John begins performing the heavy metal screamer “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” when everyone is expecting Frank Sinatra to perform some classic song or ballad. The judges are shockedly giggling while the crowd flips out.

The following group, “Miss Tres,” which sings and dances like men but is clothed like women, makes Simon Cowell appear frightened. Dev, a different participant, is decked out as a demon with a red face and big horns sticking out of his head. He performs his songs like a Broadway star. This makeup and performance have the judges totally perplexed. We learn from these videos not to judge a book by its cover!

Here is the video: