The postman served their community for 34 years is now retiring… Here is what the 300 neighbors did…

For more than 34 years, Martin has served as Marietta’s postman, and he has always known how to win the hearts of everyone in the area. Martin became a close friend to all of them, from the oldest to the smallest, and they looked forward to seeing him each week from their windows.

Martin used to bring snacks for the pups and kittens as well as popsicles or other items for the little ones when he returned home. So even the animals were grateful for the kind postman’s arrival.

Martin, however, made the decision to retire in 2018, and on May 23, he completed his final delivery route in the neighborhood, which was full of adventure. Local homeowner Jennifer decided to coordinate some things for Martin together with roughly 300 neighbors after hearing the news.

Martin was surprised to discover that each mailbox had been adorned with the words “Mr. Floyd,” hearts, and other embellishments. Moreover, they arranged the day a huge departure celebration and chose to greet him with heartfelt hugs.

Martin was accompanied by Jennifer Brett, who captured each farewell in a snapshot that she later shared on Twitter.

His neighborhood actually views him as a member of the family and values him for his kindness and enormous heart. The neighbors decided to work together to offer the postman a well-deserved vacation after learning that Mr. Martin wanted to visit Hawaii. They started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the trip in addition to the surprise farewell.

“I appreciate your concern for me. The most important thing the world needs is for people to love, care, and be compassionate toward one another, Martin told the audience. Only a little portion of the love this man has shown the neighborhood over the years has been returned to him.

Mr. Floyd is a model of commitment to his profession and effective communication. We are pleased that their campaign was a smashing success, and that this kind community was able to reward their friendship and commitment. His inspiring tale has moved many, and it’s not surprising.