The manager notices that his employee is bringing his young child to work… Then…

Every woman is aware of the enormous blessing that is having a child. But regardless of the happiness and personal fulfillment this may bring, it is undeniable that modern moms must balance work at home and work outside the home to maintain the family’s economic stability.

And while the necessity to combine work and personal life is being discussed more and more, there are very few businesses that actually permit moms to carry out their responsibilities at work without forgoing their children’s education. Melody Jett Blackwell was simply taking it easy in her office chair, rocking her infant.

Melody brought her infant to work without realizing her employer would snap the photo that would go viral. This fortunate mom is permitted to bring her infant Nora-Yo to work.

Additionally, she couldn’t help taking a photo and sharing it when her employer observed her performing one of her regular tasks while taking care of her infant daughter.

Melody’s supervisor is so kind that she not only lets her work from home on a few occasions when she has visited the office but also lets her bring her infant and take the necessary time off from work to feed the child. is quite impressive.

The mother of the young girl remarked, “I know not all offices and work environments are child and infant-friendly, but many places can be more flexible than they are right now.