The school security guard was the child’s “favorite person,” so he tried to look like him and did this…

Every kid looks up to someone, and more often than not, that someone is a character from a comic book or a cartoon.

However, youngsters usually have a way of taking us by surprise, and so Easton, age 5, made the decision to participate in “Dress Up Like Your Favorite” day by choosing the image of his school’s security officer as his inspiration.

The young pupil requested that his mother dress him up as his hero so that he may act as an homage to him and demonstrate his gratitude.

After that, his mother created a one-of-a-kind T-shirt and surprised Jeffrey Cross, who was working as a security guard.

Melissa Zigovich, a user of Facebook, captured a wonderful occasion and posted a series of images of it on her profile, along with the caption:

“Today at Easton’s school, they had a ‘Dress up as your favorite person’ day. Easton is five years old.

Jeffrey was the recipient of a surprise visit from Easton’s mother in the guise of a school security guard. Jeffrey’s shirt was hand-made by Easton’s mother. They are without a doubt wonderful companions!

Additionally, Jacksonville School Superintendent North Pulaski posted about the project on Facebook with the following message:

“Take a look at it! According to the post that was made on Facebook, today at Leicester Elementary School is “Loved One Dress Up Day.”

“Easton, a student in kindergarten, dressed up like Agent Cross, who is in charge of safety at his school,” the sentence read. “Agent Cross is in charge of safety at his school.”