Father falls asleep at work; daughter puts her jacket over his shoulders and…

When we reach adulthood, life teaches us that in order to make a living, we need to work; the more we labor, the more money we earn, and the better life we lead.

The reality is, however, that life will more often than not face us with significant obstacles, and despite how hard we work, there will be times when we have to work even harder in order to provide for our families and make ends meet.

This attitude of service and thankfulness is something that is passed on from parents and teachers to their offspring, and in many instances, it is the younger children who teach their elders a lesson in the ways of the world.

At least, that was how it worked out for the little girl who, after a hard day’s labor, sat by her father’s side and offered him silent support.

During a particularly trying period, the main character of this tale, Wang, was tasked with doing everything in his power to ensure that he would not lose his restaurant.

Because of this, he was forced to make significant adjustments in order to maintain the viability of his restaurant, including putting in lengthy hours of overtime alone.

Wang let himself a brief break, during which he dozed off to rest and rejuvenate himself while leaning on the kitchen counter.

He had not counted on his daughter paying him a visit, which was something he had not anticipated.

The event was recorded by the surveillance cameras located throughout the eatery. The video shows Wang pausing for a moment, taking a breather by resting his head on a table.

His daughter sneaks up behind him, pulls off her jacket, and tosses it over her father’s shoulders as she does so.

After his daughter has left, the guy becomes aware that his daughter’s jacket is currently slung over his own shoulders.

Because she was so kind to him, his little girl, he was overcome with emotion and began to cry out of appreciation and compassion.

The video moved many people who use the internet, and many left comments complimenting the girl for her deep empathy and sensitivity, as well as praising the wonderful gesture she made.

One youngster commented that her parents were the ones who taught her how to love.
Someone more remarked, “It’s very heartwarming to see how much appreciation children have for their parents.”

Others, on the other hand, requested that the restaurant be named after this remarkable parent in honor of him.

A narrative with a happy conclusion that demonstrates how one’s perseverance will always be rewarded, even if it’s just in the form of a simple act such as this one.