The sweetest pregnancy friends are a pregnant woman and a stray pregnant cat… This woman saved her life…

Lauren Manners has devoted her entire life to helping strays and abandoned animals by giving them medical attention and locating new homes for them.

She was concerned about herself and her unborn child, so she made the decision to temporarily stop volunteering while she was pregnant.

The animals that she fostered were typically ill and required special care, which she was unable to provide at this time because she did not have the time.

When Manners and her husband were out and about one day, they happened to come across a pregnant cat that had been hurt and was lying on the side of the road.

Due to the fact that both of them were in their third and final trimester of pregnancy, appropriate manners were necessary.

In spite of her reluctance, Manners and her husband made the decision to bring the cat into their home and care for her up until the time she gave birth to her kittens.

After examining the cat, the veterinarian determined what the best course of therapy would be for her.

The next step was for Maners and her husband to transport the cat to Maners’ residence.

Manners and the injured cat started spending a lot of time together, and they bonded over the fact that both of them were pregnant at the same time.

It was came time for Manners to give birth to her daughter Kylie, and when she went home with her new bundle of joy, the injured cat, who was now known as Dove, had also given birth to a litter of kittens.

It’s plausible, according to Manners, that the two babies were born at approximately the same time.

The young ones, as they expanded physically and became more powerful, began to take an interest in one another.

And then, a few months later, when the kittens had at at last reached their full strength, the husbands added Dove and the kittens to the care of the good hands.