The touching story of a kindhearted 21-year-old girl who adopted seven kids…

When we talk about a woman who is “in her 20s,” we usually indicate that she is still very much a part of her youthful years.

Girls pass the years while they are young and most beautiful with their friends, as well as by hiking, studying, camping, looking cool, and engaging in other forms of leisure.

Christina, on the other hand, who was born into a large and hardworking family, did not experience any of these things.

Her parents had always put in a lot of effort to ensure that their children were healthy.

Because of this, they were gone from the house for the entirety of the workday, and the little girl was responsible for looking after her younger siblings.

In addition to that, she was in charge of keeping the house in order and was also in charge of all of their education.

At the age of 18, when she was a first-year student at the university, however, things started to get more challenging for her.

Sadly, her father passed away in that year, and her mother died just a year and a half later, following in his footsteps.

During this time period, Christina’s youngest sister had recently turned 4 years old.

After their granny declined to take responsibility for them as their legal guardian, social NGO’s started working on their case to have them placed in orphanages.

Therefore, the young and vulnerable girl was forced to carry the burden of the difficult situation all by herself.

Soon after, she made the decision to put all of her siblings under her protection, and not much longer after that, she was given permission to adopt them.

Christina was content in spite of the fact that the children supported her despite the fact that she had to give up her studies and become their entire world.

They receive assistance in the form of food, clothing, and other necessities from the entire community as well as from the government.

When one hears their moving story, it is impossible to maintain a neutral attitude.