The woman avoided medical attention and gave birth after watching the YouTube tutorials…

Tia Freeman, a 22-year-old American traveling to Germany on vacation, had no idea what she would encounter there. In the middle of a transfer at the Istanbul airport, the girl gave birth.

Tia maintained her composure, though, and she chose to give birth on her own with the aid of YouTube video instructions. Tia discovered she was pregnant just before the vacation. However, she was unable to even imagine that it was her last month.

“I just discovered that my pregnancy test was positive. I didn’t have a prominent belly, so I knew I was in the early stages, the American remarked. It was challenging for Tia to predict that the child would soon be born. Even after recovering, the girl continued to feel normal.

She consequently made the decision not to cancel her vacation to Germany. After she got back from the trip, the girl wanted to visit the doctor. Tia took a flight in Istanbul with a transfer. She suddenly fell terribly ill as she was waiting for her flight at the airport.

Tia initially believed that the fish served on the airplane had given her food illness. When the girl started researching poisoning symptoms online, she discovered that her condition was not at all related to a fish meal that had gone bad. The American realized that she was giving birth.

The baby was on its way when she went into labor. Tia considered her options and made the decision not to get medical attention. She was confident that she wouldn’t be able to communicate effectively in English with Turkish doctors. As a result, the pregnant mother took a chance, got a hotel room, and started looking for movies that would teach her how to give birth.

Tia climbed into the bathroom, chewed her towel, and started pushing after taking a quick glance at some instructional articles and videos. The girl was really fortunate since she gave birth to a healthy boy after only 6-7 attempts.

Tia separated the baby’s umbilical cord, fed her son, Xavier, and then put him to bed. The following morning, Tia traveled to the US Consulate in Istanbul to resolve the newborn child’s citizenship issue.

Then, she drove young Xavier to the hospital after resolving all the document-related issues. She and her son were in good health, according to the physicians. The contented mother and her child returned home a few days later.