This boy was nicknamed Little Hercules when he was 8 years old and look at how he appears now!

Richard Sandrak first gained notoriety around 15 years ago.

When he was only 8 years old, the little child rose to fame for his physical fitness.

The man is now 24 years old, and you might be surprised by his current appearance.

Richard was born in Ukraine, but as a young child, he moved to the US with his parents.

Here, his father started to adapt him to physical activity gradually.

Initially, the training was light and more akin to conventional physical education, but after some time, the boy started to lift large objects.

Richard was a great celebrity at the height of his fame, regularly appearing in the filming of different TV shows, giving interviews, and signing autographs.

Parents rejoiced about the possibility of their son’s success.

By the way, Richard’s dad is a martial arts champion.

Everything was under his control, including the boy’s diet, training volume, and intensity.

Some people refused to accept a man’s teaching methods because they believed Richard had been cut off from his early years.

When Richard was 11 years old, he called the police himself after witnessing his father beating his mother in front of him.

He was impr.isoned for domestic ab.use.

Following that, the youngster started to attend training less frequently, and his father and son interactions ceased.

Richard gradually started to resemble a regular guy with a regular physique.

The dude is currently a stuntman on a well-known American television program.

Richard is already an expert at the job, despite how risky it is.

He talks with pride about his upbringing because he feels that he excelled in athletics.

He emphasizes, however, that he no longer desires such a life.