The woman bought an old plane, placed it in the woods, and turned it into an amazing place from inside that looks just like a…

When Catherine got herself homeless, she wasn’t completely without options, and she ultimately decided to invest a little money to purchase the retired plane.

She sat down in the lavish lobby of the converted Boeing, which was surrounded by a dense forest.

Catherine deliberated before deciding to purchase the aircraft.

The woman started looking further and further out since she couldn’t afford even a modest apartment in the city.

The man merely worked as an air controller, but his brother-in-law jumped to his assistance.

He thought the obvious solution was for the American to buy a scrapped Boeing rather than lease an apartment.

Catherine paid just under $2,000, or about 150 thousand rubles, for the defunct aircraft.

The expense of relocating the aircraft to the location I suggested was kindly covered by the airline.

It took a while to restore the ocean liner.

Instead of outhouses, there are no bathrooms, and the trunks have been transformed into walk-in closets that include a jacuzzi, a fully-equipped kitchen, and an oven.

Just over the lake, the plane’s nose is positioned in a very precise location.