With their song “Grandpa,” “Little Big Town” pays a moving tribute to The Judds… Watch it here!

Country music superstars “Little Big Town” have had a number of hits. Together with other celebrities, they paid tribute to Naomi Judd’s contributions to country music. Throughout the moving evening, there were several lovely speeches and musical performances.

The band begins by thanking the family and expressing how honored they are to perform in front of a crowd on this special occasion. These statements are real and filled with emotion, and they launch into a song appropriate for the occasion.

The song “Granddad,” performed by “Minimal Big Town,” is a sentimental ode to bygone eras. The last phrase of the song is, “Granddad, tell me about bygone times.”

Did sweethearts really fall in love to stick by one another no matter what? a grandchild ponders in the verses. Was a commitment actually kept by people, as opposed to being something they would agree to?

A drummer, several guitars, and consoles all assist the band. To honor Naomi Judd’s contribution to bluegrass music, there is a small crowd and a private setting. The song’s concept accounts for the performance’s more restrained vibe.

In 1998, Karen Fairchild, Phillip Sweet, Jimi Westbrook, and Kimberly Schlapman formed the band known as “Minimal Big Town.” They each take a turn acting as the lead performer as they sing powerful four-section harmonies. They achieved number-one single status with the songs “Boat” and “Better Man.”

A night dedicated to honoring Naomi Judd featured many well-known national singers and natural faces. The bar was dropped to make “Minimal Big Town” welcome on this occasion. They repeatedly expressed gratitude to the family for incorporating them in their first few minutes. It was a moving rendition of a superb down home song.

Here is the video: