The woman’s hair began to gray at age 21, but check out how she looked before!

Everybody has their own idiosyncrasies and quirks, but not everybody will take such lengths to conceal them. Sara from Arizona relates a story of how she began becoming gray at a young age.

She is also unwilling to cover up her naturally white hair with hair color or tint tonic.

Sara noticed her hair starting to gray when she was 21 years old. Sarah began dyeing her hair on a regular basis.

She kept up a consistent routine of root coloring since she didn’t want her friends to think she was trying to cover up the fact that her hair was slowly becoming gray again.

When Sara turned 37, everything in her life changed. She rarely found the opportunity to sit down and color as her days became so busy with work, kids, and housekeeping.

She also discovered how to accept herself for who she is.

She observed as her hair color was progressively washed away and turned gray during her early years.

I’m perfectly aware that a lot of people have issues with my hair.

Every time I go outside, I get both compliments and snide looks. Everyone is rushing to touch my hair in a frantic manner.

She saw that although some were a little anxious, others were beaming with happiness.